(2017) - The Invisible Door 

A memoir through the lens of mental health 

Out of print

(2020) - Covid-19: as wrecking ball and construction site of a new spin cycle

Essay exploring the impact of Covid-19

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(2017) - Dismembering Barbie

A collection of personal hybrid essays, exploring feminism, oppression and mental health.

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(2020) - Abbreviated morality and voting — can political and social change happen this time?

Essay examining the relationship between morality and voting.

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(2020) - Israel-Palestine, peace to prosperity: a feminist response

Essay responding to the Trump administration's handling of peace in the region.

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(2020) - Sabina

A commentary/review medley on Sex V Survival written by Dr. John Launer about Sabina Nikolayevna Spielrein. A pioneer in psychoanalysis.

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